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Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

The City of Windsor introduced a basement flooding subsidy program in 2011. This program was implemented to help prevent the costly flooding of a basement by subsidizing the cost of a sump pump with sump pump overflow and/or backwater valve(s).

The maximum eligible subsidy is $2,800 per home/unit. Coverage is as follows:

  • Install backwater valve(s) (licensed plumber required) – Up to 100 percent of cost, ($1,000 maximum)
  • Install sump pump with sump pump overflow and disconnect foundation drains to floor drains – Up to 100 percent of cost, ($1,750 maximum)
  • Install only sump pump overflow to discharge outside to surface (applies to existing sump pumps only) – Up to 100 percent of cost, ($300 maximum)
  • Install backwater valve and sump pump with sump pump overflow – Up to 100 percent of cost, ($2,800 maximum)
  • Disconnect foundation drains from floor drain and/or dye testing and camera work as required – Up to 100 percent of cost, ($400 maximum)
  • What this program does not cover:
    • The replacement of an existing sump pump
    • The upgrade of a sump pump
    • The addition of another sump pump
    • The installation of a sump pump when the foundation drains are already separated from the floor drain or sanitary sewer
    • Work performed for which a permit cannot be obtained

There are specific program requirements by the city.

  • All eligible basement flooding protection work must be performed by a contractor/licensed plumber of master plumber. The plumber or master plumber should be able to present a current City of Windsor Licence. If you have any concerns about whether or not the plumber is licensed, please contact the City’s Licensing Department at (519) 255-6200 or call 311.
  • If a backwater valve is installed by a contractor, a licensed plumber must certify its installation.
  • If a sump pump is installed, please ensure the disconnection and capping of leads from the foundation drains to the floor drains.
  • Any work performed by the homeowner themselves does not qualify for subsidy.
  • Disputes with respect to qualifying work will be resolved by the City Engineer and/or the Chief Building Official or their designate.
  • The contractor must use material or fittings that are approved by the Ontario Building Code.
  • A building plumbing permit and an approved final inspection must be obtained for backwater valve and sump pump installations.
  • The contractor must obtain the permit within 60 days of receiving Building Inspector approval to proceed with eligible work under the program

You can fill out an application form for the work that has been done, Basement Flooding Subsidy Program Application.

You can email the completed application to