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Local Schools

Looking to see which options you have for your child attending school? There is a tool that you can use to determine which schools that you would be able to register your child in Windsor-Essex County. Use the School Eligibility Tool to see where your child can attend, before you move!

You can also check out this Map of Windsor to see where the schools are located in the region. Map of schools in the City of Windsor – View Map

Elementary Public Schools
Grade School City
JK-8 Amherstburg Amherstburg
JK-8 Anderdon Amherstburg
JK-8 Malden Central Amherstburg
JK-8 Belle River Belle River
JK-8 Centennial Central Comber
JK-8 Gosfield North Cottam
JK-8 Lakeshore Discovery Emeryville
JK-8 Cochester N. Essex
JK-8 Essex Essex
JK-6 Harrow Harrow
JK-8 Jack Miner Kingsville
JK-8 Kingsville Kingsville
JK-8 Lasalle LaSalle
JK-8 Prince Andrew LaSalle
JK-8 Sandwich West LaSalle
JK-8 Gore Hill Leamington
JK-8 Margaret D. Bennie Leamington
JK-8 Mill Street Leamington
JK-8 Queen Elizabeth Leamington
JK-8 A.V. Graham Tecumseh
JK-6 D.M. Eagle Tecumseh
JK-8 Tecumseh Vista-Elementary Tecumseh
JK-8 East Mersea Wheatley
JK-8 Beaton Windsor
JK-8 Begley Windsor
JK-8 Bellewood Windsor
JK-8 Brock Windsor
JK-8 Campbell Windsor
JK-8 Central Windsor
JK-8 Coronation Windsor
JK-8 Davis Windsor
JK-8 Dougall Windsor
JK-8 Dr. David Suzuki Windsor
JK-8 Eastwood Windsor
JK-8 Ford City Windsor
JK-8 Forest Glade Windsor
JK-8 Giles Campus F.I. Windsor
JK-8 Glenwood Windsor
JK-8 Herman Academy – Elementary Windsor
JK-8 Hetherington Windsor
JK-8 King Edward Windsor
JK-8 Marlborough Windsor
JK-8 Maxwell Windsor
JK-8 McWilliam Windsor
JK-8 Mt. Carmel-Blytheswood Windsor
JK-8 Northwood Windsor
JK-8 Parkview Windsor
JK-8 Prince Edward Windsor
JK-8 Princess Elizabeth Windsor
JK-8 Queen Victoria Windsor
JK-8 Roseland Windsor
JK-8 Roseville Windsor
JK-8 Southwood Windsor
JK-8 Talbot Trail Windsor
JK-8 West Gate Windsor


Secondary Public Schools
Grade School Name City
9-12 General Amherst Amherstburg
9-12 Western Amherstburg
9-12 Belle River Belle River
9-12 Essex Essex
9-12 Kingsville Kingsville
9-12 Sandwich LaSalle
9-12 Leamington Leamington
9-12 Tecumseh Vista Secondary Tecumseh
9-12 Herman Academy – Secondary Windsor
9-12 Kennedy Windsor
9-12 Massey Windsor
9-12 Riverside Windsor
9-12 Walkerville Windsor
9-12 Westview Freedom Academy Windsor


Catholic Primary Schools
Grades School City
K-8 Assumption College Middle School Windsor
K-8 Cardinal Carter Middle School Leamington
K-8 Christ The King Windsor
K-8 L.A. Demarais Windsor
K-8 Corpus Christi Middle School Windsor
K-8 Holy Cross LaSalle
K-8 Holy Name Essex
K-8 Immaculate Conception Windsor
K-8 W.J. Langlois Windsor
K-8 H.J. Lassaline Windsor
K-8 Notre Dame Windsor
K-8 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Windsor
K-8 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Windsor
K-8 Our Lady of Annunciation Stoney Point
K-8 Sacred Heart LaSalle
K-8 Stella Maris Amherstburg
K-8 St. Andre French Immersion Tecumseh
K-8 St. Angela Windsor
K-8 St. Anne French Immersion Windsor
K-8 St. Anthony Harrow
K-6 St. Bernard Windsor
K-8 St. Christopher Windsor
K-8 St. Gabriel Windsor
K-6 St. James Windsor
K-8 St. John the Evangelist Woodslee
K-8 St. John de Brebeuf Kingsville
K-8 St. John the Baptist Belle River
K-8 St. John Vianney Windsor
K-8 St. Joseph River Canard
K-6 St. Jules Windsor
K-6 St. Louis Leamington
K-8 St. Mary Maidstone
K-8 St. Peter Tecumseh
K-8 St. Pius X Tecumseh
K-6 St. Rose Windsor
K-8 St. William Emeryville


Catholic Secondary Schools
Grade School City
9-12 Assumption Windsor
9-12 F.J. Brennan Windsor
9-12 Cardinal Carter Leamington
9-12 Catholic Central Windsor
9-12 Holy Names Windsor
9-12 St. Anne Belle River
9-12 St. Joseph’s Windsor
9-12 St. Michael’s Catholic High School Windsor
9-12 St. Thomas of Villanova LaSalle